Give a Sustaining Gift

Do you know an interpreter who gives of themselves? This person is always generous with their talents and their time, and is someone you want to ensure will stay in the field for many years to come.

Our "Sustain" package is designed to support interpreters in self-reflection and self-care.

In addition to sustaining your colleague, your purchase supports a small business and helps us give back to the Deaf community!

What's Included:

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Recipients will receive:

Healing Interpreter Burnout course (0.35 GS CEUs)

Healing Burnout Group Study (0.2 GS CEUs)

The Values that Drive & Sustain Us course (0.4 PS CEUs)

A gift package in the mail, including Insightful swag and products from Deaf-owned businesses

Donation in their name to a Deaf nonprofit organization

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Included Courses

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Healing Interpreter Burnout

Burnout and emotional exhaustion can have negative impacts on an individual's health, relationships, and work.

In this 3.5 hour course, presenter Brea Cross-Caldwell offers clear explanations and activities to explore stress cycles, techniques for self-regulation, and how to heal and prevent burnout.

Healing Burnout Group Study

A companion to the Healing Interpreter Burnout course, this group study offers an opportunity to deepen learning by discussing the course with colleagues.

Participants can group up with friends who are also taking the course, or reach out to The Insightful Interpreter for an introduction to other course participants!

What's it Worth to You?
The Values that Drive & Sustain Us

What do you value? How do those values show up in your work? Do you know how to prioritize assignments that align with your priorities?

In this four-hour course, presenter Audrey Ramirez-Loudenback shares her research and leads participants on an exploration of their values and how they relate to our work.

Double the gifts, double the fun

When you purchase a gift package from The Insightful Interpreter, we will send your recipient a fun package in the mail. (Who doesn't love getting surprises in the mail?)

Their gift will include new Insightful swag, products from Deaf-owned businesses, and a special message from you!

We will also make a donation in their name to a Deaf nonprofit. Choose from our list after checkout and help us give back to organizations that are doing important work!