Exploring current work from the academic side of interpreting in a casual, accessible format

Let's talk about getting work from agencies

Should I take this job?

How do I make an ethical decision based on so little information?

Will I have an interpreter?

Who will it be?

Will they be qualified?

The RID Code of Professional Conduct requires that

Interpreters possess the professional skills and training required for the specific interpreting situation


Interpreters accept assignments using discretion with regard to skill, communication mode, setting, and consumer needs.

As interpreters we know the importance of fit, background, and consumer preferences.

We also know that ignoring these factors causes harm.

-So how do we navigate systems that are not set up to support ethical decision-making and the needs of Deaf, DeafBlind, and HoH community members?

-What can we do when interpreter referral agencies withold information or act unethically?

-How can we uphold our ethics & values, and how do we push for change?

How it Works

Insightful & Informed aims to highlight the exciting work that is happening on the academic side of interpreting, with an emphasis on application for everyday practitioners.

The focus of this offering is a casual conversation among researchers, thought leaders, and special guests. The live event was hosted on Zoom, and the recording is now available for you to view.

You will also have time to explore additional resources, dialogue with colleagues, and engage in structured self-reflection. We provide clear instructions and everything you need.

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Dr Kellie Stewart

Ed.D, ME.d, CI, CT, CSC

Kellie Stewart in a veteran sign language interpreter with over 35 years years of experience in interpreting and teaching. She has always held a passion for conversations among colleagues, as well as teaching ethical decision-making to colleagues and future interpreters. Her dissertation research examined how interpreters make decisions regarding whether to accept or decline an interpreting assignment. Ms. Stewart has held teaching positions at Northeastern University, University of Southern Maine, Central Piedmont Community College, and the University of Northern Colorado. Kellie currently lives in Greeley, Colorado.

With Special Guests

keisha osborne


keisha is an interpreter who runs a podcast discussing hard things.

Raylene Lotz


Raylene Lotz has been working as Deaf interpreter since 2013. She works in different settings and works in anti-violence, medical, mental health, conferences, pro-tactile, and community events. She enjoys freelance interpreting. Raylene works with the Activating Change as the Deaf Interpreter and she also coordinates sign language interpreting services, provides interpreting services herself, and works to promote Deaf language access, equity, and inclusion within the broader victim services field. Raylene is usually found working with a cup of coffee by her side, spending time with her family & friends or planning her next backcountry adventure.

Alyson (Aly) Boote


Aly is a self-employed ASL/English interpreter based in Seattle, Washington. She completed her interpreter education program at California State University Northridge in 2003, and spent the following two years earning a BA in Deaf Studies. She earned her CI & CT in 2006. She has experienced interpreting through several vantage points: as a self-employed freelance interpreter, as a staff interpreter at various organizations, and as an interpreter manager and coordinator. She is passionate about partnering with Deaf professionals as a designated interpreter in the workplace and giving back to the deaf community. Aly is an avid baker and loves observing wildlife.

Key Details

This offerings consists of a video of a panel discussion, which was presented in American Sign Language. There are also brief self-reflection activities, a discussions forum, and additional resources for your exploration, all of which are provided in written English. For accommodation requests, please email [email protected].

The Insightful Interpreter recognizes that Deaf and BIPOC interpreters have unique skill sets, expertise, and valuable perspectives that benefit the interpreting field. These interpreters also experience bias, oppression, and barriers in our field and our society; in response, we offer discounts on all courses to self-identified members of these groups.

This course is intended for working sign language interpreters, students of interpreting, and Deaf and DeafBlind community members.

For more FAQs, including our refund policy, please visit our website.

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Interpretek is an approved RID Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies (PS) program is offered for 0.2 CEUs at the Little/None content knowledge level.