The information in this introduction is available in both written English and ASL.

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Discussion with colleagues is an important and effective way to consider new information. The goal of this group study guide is to encourage the sharing of ideas and perspectives within your Community of Practice, and to give you an opportunity to earn CEUs for it!

This group study guide is for people who are taking or have already taken the Behind the Scenes with a Deaf/Hearing Team course. Here is how it works:

  • Each member of your group completes the Behind the Scenes with a Deaf/Hearing Team course individually
  • View the bonus videos included in this group study guide individually or as a group
  • After all of you have completed the section of the course that you plan to discuss, meet as a group to have a conversation about what you learned, noticed, and thought. Use the questions from the discussion guide as a starting place.
  • Viewing the supplemental resources and engaging in discussion should take a total of about 2.5 hours. For this particular course it is recommended that you can break this into more than one session- for example, meet for one hour for the first half of the course and one hour for the second half. If it is helpful, you can also allot a certain amount of time for discussing each module.

After your group discussion, each person must complete the questionnaire and evaluation forms in order to earn CEUs.

Questions? Check out the FAQs here or feel free to email [email protected].

Have fun!

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